Our services are wide and plentiful thanks to our partners. We offer a variety of supplies, support, and tools in order to benefit the individuals and families of Janesville. We are actively looking to partner with more resources in the area that have the same goal as us, bettering our community and strengthening families. We are always open to hearing more about what our community members need and what you could all benefit from. If there is something you need and we do not currently have it, please feel free to drop an anonymous message below and our team will take a look.

Youth Programs

  • Academy Singers

  • Academy Athletes

  • Academy Artisans

  • Academy Lunch & Learn

  • Academy Archers

  • Academy Band

  • Adult Cooking Class Lead by UW Extension

  • Free clothing through Acts of Kindness


Family Support

  • Free clothing and goods through Acts of Kindness

  • Addiction Recovery and Rehab resources

  • Strengthening and building the family units

Neighbor to Neighbor Support

  • Regular monthly meetings informing 4th Ward residents of social, community, and economic concerns focused on enhancing the quality of living in the neighborhood

  • Free food distribution

Janesville Urban Farmers

  • Community garden for growing fresh produce to share

  • A sharing and learning garden for families

  • Neighbors helping neighbors

  • Social media outreach at facebook.com/janesvilleurbanfarmers